How we work

"We discusss the assignement with you. You then receive a quotation, so that you know in advance how mcuh it will cost and when it will be ready"

"You will be assigned contact partner who will quickly go through the text, reference material, lingusistic register and target group. Any questiona are resolved and we check whether there are any special requirement, for example regarding the level of secrecy or the file formating handing"

"The project manager select the translator or translators best suied to your particular assignment. Our translators are highly experienced and have special experties in a number of different fields"

"Now we start work on the translaion. Examing any reference material etc. right at the beginning means that the translation process is extremely efficient.If the translator has any questions during the course of the translation he or she consults the project manager who will contact you if necessary . This speeds up the process and your translation is soon complete!"

"Quality assurance is of paramount importance to us and therefore all texts are checked by someone other than the translator"

"We always deliver within the agreed time frame!Once the project is complete. we carry out a brief evalution as we are genuinely interested in hearing your views. This enables us yo meet your requirement in the optimum manner, quickly and efficiently , when handling your text assignment"

Project Start
Choice of translator(s)
Quility assurance