FAQs from our customers

Which languages do you translate into/from?

You say you always check your translation - What does that mean?

Do you translate anything about anything?

When can i have the translation?

Why should i call your agency?
My employess are good at languages and also know what our business is about!

How do i know that the translation is good and contains no error? After all, im not fluent in the language myself.

How much do you change?

"We translate all Scandinavian languages, American and British English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Chinese and japanese."

"It means that we check carefully to ensure that the translation is correct in terms of content and language. We also ensure that the translation meets your requirments with regards to company terminology, tone, style and consistency. Proofreading is the most important element of our quility assurance system."

"No, but we have experties in several subject areas and specialise in finance, medicine, biotechnology, technology, marketing, IT and fashion. Need help with somethingdifferent? Call us for a speedy answer about whether or not we can help you!"

"It depends on the length on the text, the type of text and the target Languages required. Call us for a speedy answer!"

"With all due respect to capable staff, writing in a foregian language is more difficult and time-consuming than you imagine. The safest and most efficient way to obtain a really good translation is to engage a progessional translator who translates into his/her mother tongue. To enhance the quility further, we like to engage in a close dialogue with you about your business and your requirments. Youll get all these benefits if you come to us."

"Its very important to us to verify the quality of our translations before we deliver them. Where experienced, reliable and known for being meticulous. Youll find that you can rely on us. Our customers come back to us repeatedly!"

It depends on the size of the job and in some cases on the languages involved. Contact us for a fixed quote.